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Inspire your audience

If there is any industry practically made for inviting video content it is travel, particularly yachts and cruising destinations. There is just no better way to let people experience what your yacht or destination has to offer than to show them with a inspiring video.

Video takes your marketing materials to the next level. Online video has matured at an incredible pace over the last few years. Showcase your yacht with a high quality video on your homepage, social channels and share it with your broker or agent. Every business needs quality video content these days.

Yachts are awesome.

Design, build quality, decorations, service – everything on board adheres to the highest standards. We create imagery that reflect those standards.

We provide cost-effective services; shooting on location, outdoor, indoor and aerial video at reasonable rates. Our quick turnaround time enables you to act swiftly. We cover all aspects of the creative process and production that can include scriptwriting, narration, music, models and editing.

we work fast

If so desired we can and will provide your content within just a few days.

Interior photography

Some interior photography on board of the 98 feet Italian build Maiora

The things we can do for you

What you get

We will edit your video to about 2 minutes and supply it in Full HD (and lower resolutions for posting online). Photo’s will be professionally edited, all relevant areas of your yacht will be covered. In case you opt for both “Drone video” and “Interior & Deck video” we will supply 3 video’s; one drone only, one deck and interior only and one combined.

Marketing Services

You can also choose to use our marketing services, we list your yacht (an overview of all relevant features and a full set of imagery) at all major online catalogs which ensures your yacht can be found by all potential buyers or charter clients. As an option we can set-up a custom build website to promote the sales or charter of your yacht.

Our timeline

We strive to finish all of our recording in one day including still photography. Sometimes it takes two days to make the best use of daylight, locations and/or scenes. Our customary turnaround time (including one review round) is about 1 month. If you are in a hurry we can discuss reducing our turnaround time at a premium.

Other options

Do you like us to arrange actors and models acting as guests on your yacht, having a good time? This enhances the feeling of the imagery and brings it more to life! We can also bring in stylists who help you dress the scene to get the most out of the atmosphere on board of your yacht.

Instant quotation calculator

Please use this ( industry unique) tool to instantly calculate the cost of your presentation.


Good to know,..

We travel light. We don’t carry huge amounts of gear and people. We always try to operate as unintrusive as we possibly can.

We come with two people to minimize disturbance on board.

We like to blend in, so please inform us regarding the crew dress code for us to be able to not stand out too much.

Obviously your yacht is maintained in perfect condition and you realize that small details make the difference between just average and perfection. The devil is in the detail.

It sometimes happens we can’t do our job because of technical or logistical snags on the boat. In the unlikely case this happens we need to charge 50% of the package price per day waiting.

Travel costs are not included in the price and will be added to the total amount.

Referrals … If you lead us to a new client we are happy to reward you with 10% of value of the package they choose.

Obviously we trust all our clients as we know you trust us to do a superb job. Despite of our mutual trust we are asking our clients to pay 50% at the time of booking our shoot.

The remaining 50% and additional costs like travel costs will be invoiced on delivery of our work. Prices are without VAT.

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