Charter Video – your holiday captured in style

We start producing engaging material as soon as we come aboard for you to start posting on your social channels as soon as you want.

We understand your desire to be private, this is one of the reasons you are on a yacht. We honor your privacy by being 100% discrete about your name, your location and your life on board. No material will be published by us without your explicit concent and we will not mention you in any reference.

To make our job possible and provide the quality you expect from a professional we invested in top gear that is as invisible as possible. we don’t come to impress you with big camera’s we come to blow you away with spectacular footage.

What you get

As soon as we board (after properly introducing ourselves and stow our gear that is) we start recording and capturing images. We are usually shooting photos and video during the day and evening and processing all we did the same night. If requested we process video and or photo’s immediately for you to post on your social media. the next morning we have some highlight ready from the day before. after our time with you on the boat we have another good look at all the images and footage. we compile a video of all the highlights in chronological order and finalize our selection of photo’s covering your trip and all memorable details.

Our timeline

Our customary turnaround time (including one review round) is about 1 month. If you are in a hurry we can discuss reducing our turnaround time at a premium.

Good to know
  • We travel light. We don’t carry huge amounts of gear and people. We always try to operate as unintrusive as we possibly can.
  • We come with two people to minimize disturbance on board.
  • Travel costs are not included in the price and will be added to the total amount.
  • Obviously we trust all our clients as we know you trust us to do a superb job. Despite of our mutual trust we are asking our clients to pay 50% at the time of booking our shoot.
  • The remaining 50% and additional costs like travel costs will be invoiced on delivery of our work. Prices are without VAT.
  • Referrals … If you lead us to a new client we are happy to reward you with 10% of value of the package they choose.

In order to be mobile and as non intrusive as possible we travel light. We take a bag of GoPro’s with all sorts of mounting gear and DJI mavic Pro drones along with professional Canon camera and lens gear and some stabilizers.

We will join the crew with two people, and we try to blend in as good as we can. As we are pretty knowledgeable around superyachts we know what happens when and stay out of the way or assist where needed or possible.

(excl. travel costs)