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Estamos aquí para ayudarle a obtener el mayor compromiso y clientes para su hogar.

Ponte en la piel del potencial comprador. ¿Dónde intentarías encontrar tu nuevo hogar? ¿Cómo decidiría qué propiedad investigar más a fondo?

La mayoría de los clientes potenciales buscan sus opciones en línea, en plataformas como Idealista, Fotocasa y similares. La foto de presentación, el encabezado y el precio son las primeras cosas que ves. Por lo tanto, estas partes deben optimizarse y ser perfectas para que las personas puedan hacer clic en ellas. El objetivo es conseguir compromiso, conseguir que la gente responda y concertar una visita. Entonces, ¡tenemos que inspirar a las personas y hacer que se proyecten como si estuvieran viviendo en su casa!

Dado que las imágenes conectan 10 veces más fuerte con la imaginación, la mejor manera de lograrlo es proporcionar fotos acompañadas de un breve video en la presentación en línea.

Haga una perfecta preparación.

Tome las mejores fotos y vídeos de presentación. Claras, nítidas y atractivas.

Consiga una excelente foto de presentación que destaque sobre el resto.

Todo está dirigido para obtener el mayor compromiso y respuestas.

Más compromiso y respuesta conduce a más visitas.

Con más compradores potenciales usted podrá vender más rápido.

Los servicios que proporcionamos para ayudarle

Basic photography Package €195

15-20 Professionally edited photos both interior and exterior
We use HDR technology to provide clean, crisp and clear photo’s that are well lit and showcase your property in the best possible way.

Additional Drone Photography € 95

This add-on service is especially good to chose if it concerns real estate with gardens or intersting surroundings.
We provide 6 to 8 exterior aerial photos, professionally edited in the same style as the interior photos.

Social Media Promo Video €125

These 60 seconds vertical video works fantastic on both Instagram and Tik-Tok. Professional “Speed-Ramp” style edit for maximum impact and engagement.

Cinematic video € 245

90-120 second professionally edited horizontal video covering both interior and exterior
This video is perfect for use on the presentation of your real estate agent or on 3rd party sites as “Fotocasa” or “Idealista”. Videos generate more viewers and positive engagement.

Additional drone footage € 125

Get some additional drone footage to increase the value of your video presentation

3D Walkthrough €295

Interactive 3D tour made with the innovative and industry leading Matterport system

Floorplan €95

As an addition to the 3D tour we can create 2D floorplans that help your potential buyer to get an even better understanding and feeling of the space, Made with the industry leading Matterport system

Preparing for your shoot

Presenting your house is the most important thing you as a seller can do to achieve the best price and help to sell your home faster. This checklist can help you to get everything ready for photos and open house days.

  • Thoroughly clean whole property
  • Turn all lights and lamps on, replace any burned out light bulbs
  • Close all windows and open blinds/window treatments to let in outside light
  • Create open spaces by removing not needed furniture and clear counter tops and shelves
  • Turn all TVs and computer screens off
  • Remove personal photographs
  • Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring
  • Place all shoes/jackets in closets
  • Move cars from driveways and front of the property
  • Close garage doors
  • Remove rubbish bins
  • Mow and edge grass front & back, trim overgrown trees and brushes
  • Remove any toys and sports equipment
  • Remove visible water hoses and empty planters and garden tools
  • Sweep up cuttings and leaves
  • Clean pool area
  • Straighten/push in chairs
  • Clear countertops of completely
  • Remove any small appliances (toaster, kettles, coffee maker, …)
  • Remove fridge magnets and photos
  • Store dishes and put away draining rack
  • Hide soaps and cleaning items
  • Remove visible rubbish bins
  • Add a center piece such as flowers or candles to the tables
  • Hide tea towels
  • Arrange the furniture to make room look large
  • Remove magazines and papers
  • Remove any gym equipment
  • Clear clutter from shelves and tables
  • Hide all remotes
  • Hide loose home theater cables
  • Clear countertops completely
  • Remove toothbrushes and shavers
  • Clean all mirrors and bench tops
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Remove all items from bathtubs and showers
  • Clean toilet and close lid
  • Remove floor mats
  • Remove any visible clothes and clutter
  • Hide personal items and visible cables
  • Close all closets
  • Make beds and straighten pillows
  • Remove items from bed side table
  • Clean under bed, remove items which might show
  • If possible remove personal images and wall stickers

Shoot preparation € 25

As you maybe don’t have the time or opportunity to prepare your home for the shoot we offer the service of  cleaning and de-cluttering all relevant area’s. We put all your personal items in storage containers and clean the rooms to a level that allows us to shoot the best possible images.

The cost of this service is €25,- per room/area


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